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It’s no suprise, exam time is sooooo draining. So we thought let’s get in touch with our spiritual side with the fine folk at Luxe Luna to talk all things crystals to help with study-mode!

Finding it hard to concentrate? Study can be SUCH a buzz kill, but we’ve rounded up our top 5 best crystals to help you crush it!

Top 5 crystals to study with, Gather Magazine Blog, School Formal Edition

1. Sodalite 
  • Called the ‘Logic Stone’ to help promote clear thought
  • Promotes self-discipline, organisation and efficiency in task completion
  • Helps diffuse confusion and promotes acceptance of new information
  • Great to put next to your computer as it is known to assist in blocking and clearing electromagnetic pollution
Sodalite chip bracelets make any school outfit look good, but if your one to hit the books at home, try a Rough Cut Sodalite piece next to your computer to help protect you from those electromagnetic nasties!


2. Fluorite
  • Inspires new ideas, originality and quick thinking
  • Promotes confidence in stressful situations
  • Helps to soothe chaotic mindfulness and overwhelming emotions
  • A stone to help promote focus, thought and concentration
Fluorite tumbles are perfect to help soothe those exam stresses, pop one in your pocket or have one on your desk to help those study vibes flow!
3. Clear Quartz
  • A powerful communication stone
  • Assists in the manifestation of goals
  • Protection against negativity and transmutes critical words
  • Aids in memory retention and concentration
Clusters are just so pretty and great to lift your study space, if you’re on the go, why not try a clear quartz tumble in your pencil case to help you focus!


4. Citrine
  • A stone of abundance, encourages generosity and good fortune
  • Helps promote productivity in teadious tasks
  • Inspires Creativity and self expression
  • Promotes courage and clear thinking
Citrine bracelets are a great way to have that creative stone on hand, and if you can’t wear bracelets into exam, then why not pop a tumble stone in your pocket!
5. Tigers Eye
  • Great for building up skills and knowledge
  • Assists in overcoming fear in exams or public performances or public speaking
  • Sharpens the senses, allowing for more clear communication and focus
  • A supporting stone through difficult decision making
A Tiger’s Eye bracelet is a great way to wear crystals, not to mention fashionable too!


If you would like to see more crystal tips and pieces to help your study flow then head over to Luxe Luna or check out their insta page for some serious inspo!