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Personalised Skincare

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Ee Ting is the founder and principal formulator of hop & cotton.
She is a cosmetic chemist and molecular biologist.

For a long time, I struggled with my skin. It made me uncomfortably self-conscious and deprived of self-confidence.

Thus, I was on a permanent quest to fix it. After trying literally hundreds of different products without success for over 10 years, I conceded that conventional, off-the-shelf products could never be completely compatible with me. There was always something my skin did not agree with, and the only way to have complete control over what I was using was to create my own.

That was how I got into cosmetic chemistry. And I finally found my answer by combining ingredients in formulations that was right for me.

Gradually, friends and family requested for their own products. Their overwhelming results encouraged me to launch hop & cotton, so that I could bring the power of customised skin care products to everyone else.

It is my sincerest hope to help you end your search like myself and many others, and most importantly love the skin you are in.

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Skincare formulated to suit your skin

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