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6 Cool Pre-Formal Props For Instagram Worthy Photos That Won’t Cost You A Bomb:

Looking for a memorable photo idea for you and the squad? Check out the super cost effective and of course, fun ways to get a photo you’ll be happy with for years to come this School Formal. 

6 Cool Pre-Formal Props, Gather Magazine Blog, School Formal Edition


Uber cheap and easily accessible from any party or dollar store.

Pre-formal we say go easy on this option and probably save it until after the official festivities have concluded that way you can go a little confetti crazy.

Try using the SlowMo film setting on your phone it captures confetti perfectly, whether its blown directly into the lens or you get one of your squad to throw it over the top of the frame.



For the ultimate in balloon photo props ensure you get them filled with Helium. Usually this lasts for 4+ hours and provides a tonne of pre-formal photo fun.

With oodles of options you could get the numbers 2018 in school colours or a metallic gold, silver or new available and totally on trend rose gold.

Geronimo balloons are huge but super fun for squad photos usually measuring over 90cm in diameter. Add cute tassels and streamers for that extra pop of colour and fun.

6 Cool Pre-Formal Props, Gather Magazine Blog, School Formal Edition


There are many versions of this, whether you want to settle for the standard all white frame or you have a creative crafter in the group who can fill the space with patterns and colours.

Another popular option is to start with the all-white version and then after several happy snaps you all grab a texter of choice and write cute graduation messages to each other around the frame for the ultimate in senior year memories.



Who doesn’t love a good emoji! 

With so many to choose from you can purchase these pre-made on the internet at stores like Etsy etc, however if you’re into crafting and you’re up for filling your weekends pre-formal, why not get together with the group and come up with some super cool emoji props!

6 Cool Pre-Formal Props, Gather Magazine Blog, School Formal Edition


This super fun option is not only cheap but unlike confetti it is unlikely to get in your hair and make you look like a party piñata! This option could be easily packed in your purse for pre, during and post formal photo fun.


We are not talking 100m long strands here that would surely get you all wrapped up wrong, we mean the cute 2m strands that are battery operated, light weight and easy to carry anywhere. This option was trending in the States early in 2018 and is still going strong, making it a cost effective and transportable all formal photo prop option.