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5 Awesome Prom-Posals

Australian School Formals are becoming more elaborate with every year that goes by! Maybe it’s our exposure to the world through Instagram, Snapchat and Facebook which allows us to dream of elaborate themes, Cinderella style dresses and Crazy choreographed dance-offs.

One thing yet to hit our shores is the Prom-Posal, yup thats a real thing. It’s where your bae or bestie asks you to the School Formal in a memorable and potentially Instagram or You Tube worthy way.

Don’t get us wrong, a cute note passed during recess is top of the low key adorbs list but let’s be honest when you check out how these teens are getting their creative on in the Prom-Posal ranks, I’m sure you’re going to re-consider the note idea.

5 Awesome Prom-posals, Gather Magazine Blog, School Formal Edition

1. A tad messy, but totally cute. This guy filled his bae’s locker with ping pong balls all with tiny little ‘Prom?’ After skilfully packing the locker and the messy unveiling, we can report he had success!
2. Easy, Cost effective and Creative! Perfect for the beach loving peeps out there.
3. The sticky note Promposal……. Perfect for those stationery lovers out there, yet time consuming, the bunch of flowers definitely added the extra romantic touch.
4. You had us at Pizza!! This teen had the help of his parentals and his unsuspecting Prom dates mum, a little awks but atleast she said yes!
5. Talk about star power, this guy took his Promposal next level by asking on live TV.

Are you considering asking your crush, bestie or bae to School Formal? Be sure to film it and tag us in @gather_magazine!